When your clothes come out of the dryer wet or soggy, if the drum isn’t spinning or the vent just  isn’t letting the hot air or debris out, it may be time to call a professional. Fortunately, BEST  APPLIANCE REPAIR has the team you’ll need to ensure a quick repair and a return to  household normalcy. 

Our team services appliances throughout the Seattle area, and we are available to take your call  and assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our high-trained technicians can address any repair  issue you may have, from doors to vents, from drums to heaters, even circuit boards and complex  systems. When you put your trust in Best Appliance Repair, we stand by our name and give you  the very best in service and pricing. 

Our team of professionals can address any dryer issue, including: 

  • Won’t start 
  • Won’t power up, even when plugged in 
  • Doesn’t heat up properly 
  • Unusual internal noises 
  • Heavy vibration 
  • Not drying clothing properly 
  • Drum not spinning 
  • Won’t stop 
  • Overheating 
  • Breaker being activated 
  • Vent not clearing properly 
  • Not moving through drying cycles 
  • Timer not working 
  • Any additional issues

With highly-trained, experienced technicians, you can trust Best Appliance Repair to handle all  your dryer repair needs quickly and efficiently. We are available for emergency service, and can  be present 15 minutes after your call; you can arrange for a visit and consultation either over the  phone or online. 

We define ourselves within the industry with: 

  • Top-tier services 
  • Accurate and reliable estimations 
  • Fair price quotes 
  • Speedy emergency servicing 
  • Personalized service 
  • Excellence in quality 
  • Industry-leading warranty 

Dishwasher Repair 

Dishwasher problems can range from dirty dishes to leaks, a door that won’t close to drainage  problems, heating failure and more. For issues facing your dishwasher, you’ll want to contact the  professionals at Best Appliance Repair, we’ll be ready to solve any technical challenges you’re experiencing. We’re the top repair team in Seattle, and our team of expert technicians can  address any dishwasher or appliance problem plaguing your household. We’re quick, efficient,  and stand by our work with excellent prices and a warranty that’s hard to beat. 

We guarantee our work with over a decade of experience in the Seattle area, handling all forms  of dryer and appliance repair across the area. We have extensive knowledge of all brands,  models and types, and are trusted throughout the industry by manufacturers and home-based  customers alike. In case of emergency, you can contact us 24/7, any day of the week and our  experts will be ready to arrive at your home within 15 minutes. Dishwasher issues include but  aren’t limited to: 

  • Won’t start or run 
  • Doesn’t fill 
  • Overflows 
  • Leaks 
  • Doesn’t drain properly 
  • Loud and unusual noises 
  • Stops mid-cycle 
  • Dinnerware comes out spotted, stained, or unclean 
  • Buttons aren’t responding 
  • Indicator lights are blinking or flashing 
  • LED is unresponsive 
  • Door won’t close or latch properly 
  • Soap isn’t be dispensed properly
  • Any additional issues

Professional support

Our friendly customer service team is ready to take care of your needs.

Fair pricing

You can count on us for affordable rates, always delivered with honesty.

Timely service

We provide same or next-day appliance serving whenever possible.

We strive for customer satisfaction

Our customer service is dedicated to meet and exceed your needs and expectations, keeping you happy and informed every step of the way.

We’ll take care of all your appliance needs

Utilizing our highly skilled repair teams and the best components supplied straight from Seattle,  we make sure you get the best market price accompanied by a one-year warranty on selected  parts. We are confident you’ll get the best service available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can expect a call 30 minutes prior to our departure to ensure your valuable time isn’t  wasted waiting endlessly for someone to come.

The charge for labor is determined by the job required ahead of us, not hourly.

We are experts in all brands of washing machines and dryers, as well as refrigerators, freezers,  dishwashers, ovens, ranges, stoves and disposals. We happily address the needs of both electrical  and gas systems.