10 March

5 Vital Home Tasks You Shouldn’t Try to Do Yourself

When it comes to home repair, there are some tasks that the average person with the right tools  and a little instruction can handle on their own: painting, sealing holes in drywall, adjusting the  drum belt on a washing machine, things of that nature. But there are some tasks that, while important, may be better left to the experts, or at least with a buddy handy.

  1. Gas appliance repairs – natural gas can be very dangerous in multiple ways. Not only is it  intensely flammable and potentially explosive, but it unless the lines carrying it are completely sealed up once any repairs have taken place, you are inviting the threat of a  poisonous gas into your home which can potentially cause respiratory issues or even death. Better to let the pros address this sort of work.
  2. Electrical repairs – electricity has its own share of dangers when attempting to make repairs. Electrocution in itself can be a deadly prospect, but adjusting wiring or the flow of  power around your home can also cause fires, blow out fuses, and potentially overload or  destroy appliances and electronics.
  3. Heating and cooling system maintenance – these are often complex systems that can  combine the dangers of both gas and electrical work into one.
  4. Structural repairs – whether your home has structural damage or you’re planning on  making some modifications that might intersect structural components like support beams,  any complications or missteps could potentially result in a collapsed wall or worse. Don’t risk your home and well-being unless you’re a pro.
  5. Window replacement – right up there with structural work, windows require a team effort.  The weight of window frames, the presence of breakable glass, and the risks of cutting  apart a wall to just the right dimensions make this a job for the highly experienced.