23 June


No one wants to expect the worst when it comes to getting your clothes clean, but when  you’ve prepared your load of laundry only to encounter anything from a banging washer drum  to water all over the floor to an overheating dryer, it may be time to bite the bullet and contact  your local service company to address what might be happening.

One of the most telltale signs that it’s time to have your washing machine serviced would  be if you’ve discovered leaking. Water damage can be absolutely destructive on a home and  sometimes may not even be covered by insurance, so the last thing you want to encounter is a  leaky washer. This can be the result of a compromised drum, loose or frayed incoming water  connections, or a broken or clogged water pump.

If your washer isn’t cleaning the clothes themselves, this could be another important sign  that repairs are warranted. You can check to make sure it isn’t the result of hard water first, in  case it’s due to impurities in your water supply, but otherwise it may be the result of the washer  drum not moving, possibly the result of a damaged belt or motor, or the detergent dispenser  failing, in which case no soap is reaching the clothing.

If your wet clothes come out of the dryer still dripping (or are cooked beyond  expectations), this could be the result of a variety of repairable issues. The dryer’s heat sensor  may be failing to register just how hot it is inside, the spinning drum may not be turning, the  vents may be clogged, or it may not even be receiving power to its heating elements.

Should any of these situations befall you, call on the experts at Best Appliance Repair WA and they’ll do their best to help you get your clothes warm and fresh once more!